The belief in the failure of design usually comes from rejection. Which, in its own bubble, seems like a quaint psychological matter. A boy rejected by a girl does not mean a failure of the boy’s existence or the parents’ failure. Rather, it explains the partiality of the girl at…

One aspect of brand design is the art of telling mythical stories. The Sumerians told the myths of Gilgamesh and Ishtar, the Greeks had Zeus and the Titans, the Romans had their Venus and Mercury.

The stories of the ancient gods were similar. Pretty much stole from one another to…

As I stare at the screen, the infinite canvas bathes me in its light.

I constantly think of the composition.

I wonder about the subject.

I seek the right materials to paint-out the UI.

I try to find context through the research I’ve been doing, constantly going back and forth…

Engineer in a designer’s clothing (Photograph courtesy Megan Johnston)

It’s been 6 months searching for a career and I’m still searching. What I thought I knew about being a designer in the industry has been turned upside down. Most descriptions of a designer; be it UX, UI, Web, Product, Digital, and even graphic, include a working knowledge of a…

Death of Emotions, the News we Love
Opinion essay during Ebola news outbreak around October 20

Recently, in the internet we have been lost in the articles of the Ebola crisis, via text, images, sound, and video. We have been reading about the tragic news in West Africa; about the…

‘Couple of thoughts after watching Interstellar’

Where does hope emanate from?

Who are the hopeful?

There is hope to the dead

There is hope to the cynical

There is hope to lost love

There is even with avarice

Hope exists.

What makes hope available?

Even with the doubt of human…

Mikey Karam Byun

Multi-cultural, Multi-perspective Creative Design Generalist interested in the role of Emerging Tech in Brand Equity and Media Education in today’s culture.

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